Program Highlights:

HyperMesh software from Altair Engineering is the most popular and leading, multi-disciplinary finite element pre-processor which is used to manage generation of largest and most complex models, initiating from import of a CAD geometry and ending with ready-to-run solver file.  Hypermesh is a standard tool which supports users to develop better and more innovative products in a shorter time.

Job Prospects:

Upon completion of the course, students can apply for the jobs related to Product detailing & design/Analyst.


Hypermesh training course helps students to work on a CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) simulations software platform. This course will enable the students to create finite element models for analysis and make high-quality meshes in an efficient manner. This course will also cover the skills that are needed to work with geometry editing tools for design CAD models for the meshing process.

EduCADD’s Hypermesh program will help you to master the tool and its associated features

  • Structural analysis
  • Best In Class Meshing
  • High Fidelity Meshing
    • Surface meshing
    • Solid map hexa meshing
    • Tetra meshing
    • CFD meshing
    • SPH meshing
  • Mesh Morphing
  • Batch Meshing
  • CAD Interoperability
  • Composites


  • Student will learn about Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • Student will know about Shell, Tetra, and HyperMeshing.
  • Student will be able to create hexa and penta mesh.
  • Student will be able to do assemblies: Welding and Swapping Parts.
  • Trainees will learn about Topography and Topology
  • Trainees will learn about Thermal, Static and Normal Mode analysis.
  • Trainees will know to prepare models for analysis and geometry for meshing.
  • Trainees will know to define manufacturing constraints.
  • Trainees will know to do 2D and 3D shape optimization and 1D and 2D size optimization.

Eligibility & Duration:

  • Pursuing diploma or engineering in Mechanical & related streams.
  • Completed diploma or engineering in Mechanical & related streams.
  • Course Duration:- 80Hrs