AutoCAD Electrical


Program Highlights:

AutoCAD Electrical, specializes for the electrical and electronics engineers which comes with powerful drafting tools for controls, schematic design and panel design. Available symbol libraries helps designers increase the productivity.

The course target is to educate the students about the essential directions important for creating electrical control design, documentation, panel layout, schematic design and carry out other common design tasks effectively. Trainees will learn Electical CAD essentials.

Job Prospects:

Upon completion of the course, students can apply for the jobs related to Product detailing and draftsmen and designer.


AutoCAD Electrical makes schematic design and documentation work with ease. It has numerous in-constructed libraries to help specialists, designers or draftsmen chip away at individual tasks. It assists you with creating schematics in which we can work with exact estimations and accuracy.

At EduCADD, we help you master the following capabilities of AutoCAD Electrical:

  • Project and Drawing Settings
  • Custom Symbols/Components
  • Concept of SLD(Single Line Diagram)
  • Schematic circuits
  • One-line circuits
  • Connector Drawings
  • PLC
  • BOM
  • Panel design
  • Report and Audit
  • Import and Export


  • You will learn the symbol naming conventions; usage of multiple symbol libraries, hydraulic and P&ID symbols; generate PLC layout modules, insert PLC modules, and organize PLC database files.
  • You will learn to bring components into your panel for layout; to generate and update customizable reports, and use folders to organize drawings.
  • You will know how to generate bill of materials reporting, and create PLC I/O drawings from spreadsheets.
  • You will know how to do wire numbering and component tagging in circuits design.

Eligibility & Duration:

  • Pursuing diploma or engineering in Electrical & related streams.
  • Completed diploma or engineering in Electrical & related streams.
  • Course Duration:- 40 Hrs